Three Ways to Purchase Cheap Stock Photos

Purchase Cheap Stock PhotosDid you know that there are three standard ways to purchase cheap stock photos? Determine which method works for you by taking into consideration your budget and your creative needs. Most cheap stock photo sites offer single image purchasing and subscription plans. Some allow you to purchase by stock photo collections. To save yourself some time and money, choose the method of buying cheap stock photography that fits your needs.

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  • Single Image Purchasing. Single image purchasing is the simplest method to purchase cheap stock images. It allows you to purchase on an image to image basis. Most microstock companies and online agencies sell creative files with this method. You can purchase images by cash or credits, the website’s currency. Some cheap stock photo sites do not require registrations for single image purchases. Also known as Pay-as-You-Go, singe image purchasing is a recommended method for individuals and small companies with limited budget. It allows you to purchase only the amount of images you need and when you need them.
  • Subscription Plans. Another common method of purchasing cheap photos is through subscriptions. Subscription-based agencies allow you to buy stock photos cheap through a single monthly fee. Usually, there is a limit on the amount of downloads you can make per day, depending on your plan. Nevertheless, this method allows you to download images as you need them. Subscriptions vary from monthly to yearly plans as well as the prices. They cost between $50 to $400 per month, depending on the amount, quality and license of the images you want to purchase.
  • Stock Photo Collections. Other websites offer a unique way to purchase images by stock photo collections or library. It is a convenient way to buy images that belong to the same collection. Photo collections contain images, categorized in the same theme, niche or subject. They can include 10 to 1000 images, depending on the resolution and size of the images. They are available via digital downloads or CD-ROM.

pricing in purchasing stock imagesIf you want to download images found in the same stock photo cheap collection, this is the method that works for you. It allows you to purchase multiple images and archive them with a snap. Once you have purchased the collection, you can use them anytime and anywhere – depending on your acquired license, of course.

With these three different ways to purchase cheap stock photography, you will surely find one that suits your budget and your creative needs. Choosing the right method will save you time and money while getting you the images you need for your projects. To determine which method is the best for you, think about the features of the above ways to buy cheap stock photos.