5 Things We Love about Vectorain

There are a number of sources for free vectors. There’s the most tempting free vectors from search engines and the paid ones from vector sites. However, our eyes are set in one free vector source – Vectorain. The website is created by stock photo and vector expert Amos Struck as a way to give back to the community. Aside from the fact that all items are completely free of charge, here are other things we love about the site:

  • All vectors are hand-checked for quality, consistency and compatibility. You may find thousands of vectors in the Internet, but if you are working on a project you need the best, consistent quality. Vectorain ensures this and makes all files available in EPS format – which works well with most vector editing software.
  • No redirects to any other websites. All content are hosted locally. Unlike other website, you will not be redirected. You will get your free vectors right inside the website.
  • Vectorain uses integrated searching and categories. You will find what you are looking for easily. Premium content are also pulled from sister company, Vector Fresh, to give you more options.
  • All vectors were originally for sale. Vectorain is not a trick. Formally a paid vector download service, the website was improved to give you’re the highest quality vectors for free.
  • All vectors are available in Vectorain only. You will not find them anywhere else. If you are trying to build a project unique to your brand, this is the website for you.

Vectorain answers the most common problems of creative professionals when it comes to downloading free vectors. All content come with a standard license, so you can use them in any project for as long as you like. You don’t have to worry about copyright issues in the future as long as you give credit. In case, you are not able to do this. Contact the website to get answers to your concerns.  

Find Stock Photos with iStockphoto

 istock_logoYou are creating a project and find yourself in need of locating that perfect image to make it complete. You search online for hours, find just the right photo only to find you will have to pay a fortune for that one image. You can eliminate all this hassle by heading to istockphoto first.

The first thing you need to do is create a membership account on the iStockphoto home page. Once your account is setup, you select a price plan that suits your needs and your budget. Images, illustrations and video clips are available for purchase on a credit system. Each of these media outputs cost three credits on average. You can pay $33 the credits you need to download one image, illustration or video clip. There is a monthly subscription plan  that has two levels of service, essential and signature. The essential plan is $40 per month and grants you access to ten non-signature photos, illustrations or video clips each month. A signature subscription plan is $99 per month and gives you access to the entire iStockphoto library.


Now that your account is open, you are ready to start finding the perfect images you need to complete your latest project. The istockphoto home page features a selection of free products that are currently available. You are free to use as many of these images, videos or illustrations as you would like without having to worry about burning through your monthly download quota. The free items typically appear towards the bottom of the home page.

Right above the free items section are the paid categories that you can select from. Examples of these categories include infographics, business images and background images. There is also a search box available allowing you to find quickly the images, video clips and illustrations of interest to exactly what you have in mind.

Once you have found a photo, video or illustration that works for what you have in mind, you just use the credit system to obtain the item. You can now download the item to your computer where you are free to use it whenever and wherever you like.


When a new project arrives on your desk that needs a perfect photo to go with it, you only visit the iStockphoto website, log into your account and start searching for the next picture, illustration or video clip to compliment your design. You can visit this link for iStock promo codes for 2016.

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